• Panimec located in Cordoba has an extensive catalog of welding and packaging available
    Basic Welding and packing
  • Model ECO bottling soil Panime
    Eco packing
  • Panimec Chip Packer and Boat Feeder
    Automatic boat feeder

Who are Panimec?

We are a small Andalusian company located in Cordoba (Spain) dedicated to the manufacture of machinery, primarily for packaging.

Since 1995 in the national and international market, always with our philosophy of craft engineering, committed with the development of machinery adjusted to the specific needs of each client, offering a customized service.

The R&D (research and development) is a constant in our work. Panimec sells only the products it manufactures. We are specialists in affordable semi-automatic packaging machinery, taking care with the quality of the product, always using materials and components from leading brands.

Our maximum is quality and functionality, providing long life equipment and with very low maintenance, of fast payback, working to full satisfaction for many years and covering the packaging of a wide range of products, such as dried fruits, coffee, both in grain as ground, spices of all kinds, teas, cereals, legumes, chocolates, capsules and tablets, additives, and powdered products such as fertilizers, manure, plant protection products...

In Panimec we are proud knowing that the majority of our customers and suppliers appreciate us, taking in many of them friends.


Packing machine model BASICA

Packing machine model ECO

Bags welder model SEAL

Automatic boat feeder

Chip Packing Machine

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- panimec@panimec.com - Cordoba - Spain
Phone: 957 326 787 / 695 793 926
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